Indian Nutraceuticals Market: Poised from NEUTRAL to TOP Gear

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According to SalesGuru’s estimates, the Indian nutraceuticals market is poised from NEUTRAL to TOP gear by becoming fivefold at the end of the current decade, Functional Food & Beverages going to dominate the market. Currently the market is growing at a healthy double-digit rate and may reach to Rs 195 Billion mark in current fiscal itself. The growth of the nutraceuticals market in India is largely because of the increased affluence & life style diseases and change in the consumer perception and mindset. In addition, increase in awareness about the extra supplements among the consumers, increasing health consciousness along with rising healthcare cost are paving the way for the growth of Indian Nutraceuticals market.

The report gives an overall feel about Nutraceuticals market in India with valuation of market across zones and within states, how the market is becoming increasingly competitive with three different types of players market viz pharma companies, FMCG companies and pure nutraceuticals manufacturers. Shows the market penetration, highlights of rising of preventive consumerism in India along with how the market likely to grow in current decade with future market forecast. The report identify areas of business interest for Indian and foreign companies, serve as industry guide for senior level decision maker, analysts, industry observers and marketing professionals.

The report begins with the nutritional profile of India with how India is victim of dual burden of under and over nutrition. Chapter 2 provides how the Indian nutraceuticals market is poised from Neutral to TOP gear with current and future market sizes and growth and market sub segments share, size and growth. Further, what is the market in various states and across zones? The market potential shown in terms of market penetration in Urban and Rural India and across SECs. Chapter 3 provides competition overview with listing down major players. Chapter 4 highlights the current market trends and how the preventive consumerism is arising in India. Chapter 5 provides the export import figures of various market sub segments in value and volume terms. Chapter 6 & 7 deals with major growth drivers and challenges respectively. Chapter 8 gives highlights of global nutraceuticals market with per capita consumption of India. Chapter 9 deals with who are the major players ruling Indian Nutraceuticals market with their brief profiles. Chapter 10 provides regulatory framework related to Nutraceuticals in India.

The report is useful for,

  • Understanding and scanning the Indian market for identifying market entry and growth opportunities
  • Getting insights of market segments & seizing emerging market opportunities
  • Analyzing competition at national level
  • Developing nation wide marketing strategy and plan

Beneficial to:

Nutraceutical Companies, ingredient manufacturers, Investors and Venture Capitalists, Industry Analysts & Consultants, Corporate and Entrepreneurs, Industry association, Education and Government Institutes

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