The Indian Bottled Water Market: Unveiling Its Thirst

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According to SalesGuru Marketing Consultants, the Indian bottled water market is unveiling its thirst by growing at a whooping rate and expected to continue its remarkable double-digit growth in years to come, may likely to become worth Rs 10,000 Cr by current fiscal (2012-13) itself. The increasing health consciousness among the Indian consumers and rise in spending capacity and increasing scarcity of pure drinking water had speed up the growth of bottled water market in India.

The report gives overall feel about bottled water market in India, what is the size of market in terms of value and volume, how the market is growing among the various segments, how the competition is shaping up to harness the market potential and with the increasing scarcity of water how this industry will replicate the Oil industry in future. The report identify areas of business interest for Indian and foreign companies, serve as industry guide for senior level decision maker, analysts, industry observers and marketing professionals.

The report begins with the overview and current scenario of bottled water market in India with the market segments & structure, market growth and size in terms of value and volume, pack wise, Urban Rural market segment wise, Region wise, State wise and major cities wise along with the global bottled water market scenario. Chapter 2 highlights the current market trends in terms of pricing, packaging, distribution, promotion, consumer behavior and per capita consumption, use of private label, international trade and emerging new market opportunities. The chapter 3 gives overview of the competition in market including segment wise major players competing with each other along with their market share. Also provided how the packing and regions are competing. Chapter 4 gives indication of future of market and Chapter 5 and 6 are dealing with major market drivers and challenges respectively. Chapter 7 deals with strategic recommendations for the manufacturer/suppliers and potential investors/entrants. Chapter 8 highlights few of the key development in the market and Chapter 9 includes brief profiles of key players.

The report is useful for,

  • Understanding and scanning the Indian market for identifying market entry and expansion opportunities
  • Getting insights of right market segments & taping new market opportunities
  • Analyzing competition at national level
  • Developing nation wide marketing strategy and plan

Beneficial to:

Bottled Water Companies, Investors and Venture Capitalists, Industry Analysts & Consultants, Corporate and Entrepreneurs, Industry association, Education and Government Institutes

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