Developing Insights into industry, customers and competitors to identify the market opportunities

Before plunging into the new market or penetrating the existing market with existing or new products just on the assumptions, it is inevitable to identify the opportunities available in the market that can be seized to drive business growth. The market opportunity assessment studies identify and quantify latent, existing and emerging growth opportunities in market that help marketers in developing marketing strategies and allocating resources in right direction.

We help clients identify market opportunities by providing practical and actionable insights into industry, customer and competitors. The client uses these insights to take strategic decision related to market entry, product development, resource planning, pricing, supply chain, sales target, competitive strategy and other marketing issues.

Our insights answers the most frequent questions faced by client while entering new market or penetrating existing market such as,

    • What is the current market size and growth rate?
    • What will be the market in future?
    • What are the factors driving the market growth and what challenges to be faced on the way?
    • What are the current and emerging market trends viz. product trends, pricing trends, promotion trends, and distribution trends?
    • Who are the potential customers, what are their needs and wants, what are their attitude and preferences, how much and from where they are buying, what price and values perceived by them?
    • Who are the competitors and their strategies?

We follow comprehensive techniques of market research to conduct the Market Opportunity Assessment Studies. The study start with desk research for quick scanning the market followed by gathering quantitative and qualitative data through first hand research techniques including focus groups, in-depth interviews and surveys. Further, assimilated data is checked for quality and analyzed using various analytical techniques to come up with market opportunity assessment.